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Better Living Through Technology: Dispatches from the Connect Ability Hackathon

Stenospeak allows people with or without the ability to speak to participate in realtime communication at conversational speeds.

Stenospeak prototype, a mobile stenography-to-speech tool

Stenospeak prototype, courtesy of Stanley Sakai

Would You Trade Your Data for a Chocolate Chip Cookie?

At first glance the DataCafe looks like it might be yet another clever startup’s ploy to get our data.

A newspaper article title “Why Privacy Matters” with stickers on top reading “I gave data today.”

DataCafe reading materials, courtesy of the artists (Henry Lam, Sophia Callahan, Chris Fussner, and Noah Emrich)

Immerse Yourself in a 3D Cloud of Creative Coding Culture

Interview subjects appear as ethereal digital creatures that you can navigate around within a virtual space.

A dense blue cloud of connected dots

Twitter Visualization by Surya Mattu and Jonathan Minard

The Secret Ingredient for Better Games? Make People Dance

Adriaan de Jongh is on a mission to transform traditional game mechanics.

Members of the Junior Dutch National Ballet perform a dance while holding a phone together.

Members of the Junior Dutch National Ballet perform a dance with Bounden, image courtesy of Adriaan de Jongh

Play the Award-Winning Video Game Preserving Alaska Native Folklore

Never Alone, also known as Kisima Inŋitchuŋa, is packed full of nuggets of Iñupiat lore.

A girl in an Alaskan Tundra with a scared expression

Nuna takes on the storm in Never Alone, image courtesy of E-Line Media

Introducing: Soundwall, an Audiovisual Experience You Can Touch

An atmospheric beat begins to boom directly from the surface of one of Bisco Smith’s black-and-white pieces.

A black and white image of a silhouetted man splattering paint on a wall.

Bisco Smith hard at work at 65 Reade St. Photos by Michael Vidoli, courtesy of Soundwall